Long Preston Water Trust

Service Information Note 20150512

Essential Maintenance on the Reservoir

As part of the Water Trust’s continued improvement work.  Maintenance and cleaning of the reservoir will take place on the Wednesday 20th May 2015 and will continue to Friday 22nd May 2015. For this work to be carried out the reservoir will be taken out of service and to conserve water over the period, the water pressure will be reduced from 9:00 am on that day and will continue on reduced pressure until the reservoir levels have recovered sufficiently to allow for the pressure to be restored.  Depending on the levels of rainfall following the cleaning this could take up to three days.

Trust would appreciate your help in conserving water over this period to allow the reservoir to recover its levels as quickly as possible.

Once the work is complete another Service Information Notice will be issued to confirm the resumption of normal service.

If you are aware of friends or relations who are customers of Long Preston Water Trust and may not receive the Service Information Notices, please can you ensure that they are informed.

The Trustees would like to thank you for your patience and co-operation

whilst this maintenance work is ongoing.