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Purification Plant

The purification plant has been in place for over 18 months.  This system has made a significant improvement to both the clarity of the water and it’s safeness.  The water pressure has also been improved with the introduction of the two water pumps.

Craven District Council Private Water Supplies Event 2014

Many of you will have received a letter inviting you to this event held at the Council Offices in Skipton.  The purpose of this event it to raise awareness of the changes to legislation in regard to private water supplies.  This event is primarily for people who manage their own private water supply either via a bore hole or a spring.  

Long Preston Water Trust has the responsibility to meet these regulations on your behalf as a consumer of Long Preston Water Trust.  The Trust has been through a risk assessment and continues to address the areas that need improvement.  Water samples are taken from randomly selected homes throughout the village by Craven District Council, who then test these samples and provide the Trust with a report.

The Trust has spoken to Craven District Council and can confirm that this new legislation will not effect properties regardless of whether they are commercial or tenanted, that are supplied by Long Preston Water Trust.  

If you would like further information please contact the the Clerk by email clerk@longprestonwatertrust.org.uk


Catherine Thornton at Craven District Council cthornton@cravendc.gov.uk