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Long Preston Water Trust

Leaks cost the Trust lots of money, and they can appear any where in our water system.  Whilst the Trust constantly monitors the flow of water through the system, the Trust relies on residents of Long Preston to spot and report leaks.
Long Preston Water Trust also provides water to many of the field troughs. So if you are out enjoying the scenery or walking your dog along the footpaths and byways around Long Preston you see what you think is a leak or an overflowing trough please report it to our clerk on 01729 840869, so we can investigate and have it repaired.


Service Information Note 20180813-2

Hose Pipe Ban Update

There has been little rainfall since the middle of September and our water sources are struggling recover for the heatwave earlier this year.  The slow recovery of the water sources is making it difficult to meet demand and the reservoir has not recovered to its original levels.  

At an extraordinary meeting of the Trustees on the 3rd October, the Trustees have agreed to continue with the hosepipe ban (known as a Temporary Use Ban).  Continuing with this ban will protect the water supply for the purpose of washing, drinking, and food preparation.

The Trustees also ask you to conserve your water use to reduce the demand on the water sources.

Long Preston Water Trust delivers 30,000 gallons of clean, safe water daily, to about 270 properties in and around Long Preston.  This site has been created to provide the customers of Long Preston Water Trust with information of what is happening to their water supply.
The Trustees of Long Preston Water Trust hope that you will find the site helpful and informative, but if there is something that you would like to see on the site please email webadmin@longpreston.org.uk with your suggestion.
Service Information

Service Information Notes

Service Information Notes were introduced in 2011 to alert our customers of issues that are affecting the current service, such as boil notices when the quality of the water does not meet with the Water Trusts expectations or where urgent maintenance in needed and it will cause interruption to the supply.

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